Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Al Jazeera Terrorvision Network knowingly using discredited photos

Many on the left think that because Al Jazeera is not state-owned, they are thus free from any pro-Muslim and pro-terrorist bias. Then again, many on the left believe that the Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton didn't know the meaning of "is" or "sexual relations."

If this doesn't prove that Al Jazeera is an Islamofascist mouthpiece, nothing will. On June 3, a photo was being circulated in the international MSM purporting to be of the Haditha "massacre". The only problem was, it wasn't. I know, I know...details, details! I can be picky about those things. Anyway, the various MSM outlets acknowledged their error and issued corrections and apologies...after the damage had been done, though.

Well, lo and behold! The Al Jazeera Terrorvision Network (AJTN) runs an article yesterday about Haditha...with the discredited photo! Here's the screen shot:

As of this morning, they have since removed the discredited photo and issued the following mea culpa:
Al Jazeera Magazine’s editorial team deeply regrets and apologizes for the previous mistake of publishing a wrong picture for this story.
Of course, after the damage has been done. After all, you can't "unsee" a picture.

Only two possibilities exist here: either Al Jazeera knew the photo was discredited and used it anyway to further their pro-terrorist anti-Western agenda; or they are so incompetent and lazy as journalists that they genuinely didn't know what the rest of the journalism world learned over a week ago, which is that the photo was falsely attributed to Haditha.

So which is it, folks? Bias or incompetence? Either way, this should effectively destroy any credibility that the left has wanted to attribute to the AJTN. As in with Dan Rather and the Texas Air National Guard story, this one was just "too good to verify."