Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Light blogging, pick your poison

Work's got me slammed over the next several days, and having my home broadband connection down hasn't helped any, either. If posts are too infrequent for your liking, that's why. I will strive to pick up the pace next week to my normal level.

So, this is an open comment post, kinda like Rush's "Open Line Friday." Feel free to post comments about anything of interest to you...though if you are a paranoid tinfoil-hat moonbat, I may (at my discretion as the blogmaster) trash or "enhance" your comments. As always, thoughtful commentary (whether in agreement or dissent) is welcome.

Recently mentioned topics:

  • The Haditha incident, whereby Marines are accused of massacring innocent civilians.

    My take: (1) I give the accused the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise (yes, I know I don't universally apply that, but I'm more inclined to believe in the innocence of the Marines than William Jefferson or O.J. Simpson...sue me); (2) I might be more inclined to believe it were it not for the constant crying of wolf from the anti-war peacenik dhimmis out there who've been accusing our soldiers of doing this from the beginning; and (3) IF the accused are guilty of the crime, they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law...period.

  • Newt's defense of Hastert et al regarding the raid on William "The Freezer" Jefferson's Congressional office.

    My take: Quite simply, I respectfully disagree. When we see that Congress has yet to even begin to "take out the trash" with Cynthia McKinney, I have little confidence in their ability or desire to simultaneously "keep it in the family" AND administer justice. Not that it should matter, but a poll (I forget which one, sorry) said that 86% of Americans have no problem with the Jefferson raid. Count me among that high number.

  • Chuck the Schmuck's bitching about New York getting "screwed" out of counterterrorism money.

    My take: As stated before, NYC and DC are still getting the lion's share. However, a recent audit showed that New York squandered billions of taxpayer dollars on pork projects, funding firms that went under BEFORE 9/11, subsidizing a Mafia connection, etc.

    Kinda sounds like New Orleans, doesn't it? They got money to shore up their levees, spent the $$$ on other things, then bellyached about a lack of funding!

    There...have at it. I'll weigh in when I can.