Thursday, September 08, 2005

CNN chief fiddled while New Orleans drowned

This is too good to be true! From Drudge:

CNN President Jonathan Klein spent last week on a posh island off Massachusetts while his network was down in the muck, covering Hurricane Katrina, the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports.

Reporter Lloyd Grove quotes a CNN rep: "Coverage plans for the hurricane were set before he left, and Jon was in constant contact with his deputies and CNN the entire time."

Klein has held the title of CNN president since November 2004.

Klein's holiday in Nantucket did not apparently hurt CNN in the ratings; the all-news network saw audience levels reach the highest levels in years, with host Aaron Brown even topping FOXNEWS one night last week in the demo.
WAIT! Stop the press! You mean to tell me that while a hurricane was ravaging the Gulf Coast, the top dawg of CNN was on posh Nantucket? Why wasn't he doing his job at CNN?!?

Why, everyone knows that just because he was in "constant contact" with the proper people, he couldn't have POSSIBLY been active! No, he was too busy enjoying himself on "vacation" in, Nantucket...while people suffered! How insensitive!

We need Harry Reid to demand an investigation to see if his vacation inhibited his network's response to the coverage! Can we get Hillary to assemble a "CNN Commission" for this?