Thursday, September 08, 2005

Some on the left are gloating at Katrina misery

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs. Please don't read this if you just ate:
September 2005: the end of Empire. It matters not who or what is to blame other than nature’s ugly daughter Katrina, one war of retribution, and another of pre-emption. What matters is that the United States of America, the richest and most powerful superpower of all time is no longer particularly super. Not in the eyes of our enemies, not in the eyes of our friends. Is Sri Lanka mocking us with an offer of 25 grand in aid? Surely not. Or is Nigeria, with her offer of a cool mil? What about Iran, ready to airlift aid workers and ship five tanker-loads of oil; is she mocking the ‘Great Satan’? Fidel Castro wants to send doctors; maybe they can bring us some cigars. And Hugo Chavez? Good thing the CIA didn’t listen to Pat Robertson, for dead men can’t offer aid. (Did Chavez offer aid? - ed.)
I suppose their sympathy remains with Saddam and Gitmo terrorist detainees, which explains the lack of said sympathy for their fellow countrymen who are suffering. Isn't it a tad bit sick that these vermin sympathize with killers and cretins before they do so with truly innocent people?

With such a blinding, seeting hatred for the greatest country in the world (for those of you in blue states, that would be the United know, that country you live in?), a hatred not shared by 95%+ of Americans, do these dimwits know why they keep losing at the polls? I mean, how would a campaign commercial from these people go?

"Vote for Hillary, so she'll make this country suck a little less than it already does! Paid for by Code Pink and Hezbollah."

"John Kerry...because he saw the evil in his country, and he wants you to see it, too! Paid for by MoveOn dot org and the Jane Fonda Crisco-bus Foundation."

"We need John Edwards, because his Second America won't suck as bad as the first one we have! Paid for by George Soros and his since-defunct ACT."

Good luck, guys. Let me know how this approach works for you.